Joe is an Arkansas native and lives in central Arkansas with his wife, Kelli, and son, Hays. Joe has a thriving personal injury practice and represents people against big corporations and the government alike. Whether a person has an injury to their body or their property, or the government or a private entity is seeking to take their property, Joe takes pride in standing with the little guy.

Joe grew up in the farm country of Northeast Arkansas. Joe has a strong love of hunting, fishing, agriculture, conservation and stewardship of the land. Throughout his life, Joe has been involved with different conservation organizations that fight to preserve the land we all love. Because of these values, Joe understands that property is more that just a postage stamp of ground for most people. Land represents years of work, memories and family ties. It is these qualities that make a place home.

Whether you are dealing with a person who is a first time owner of a single-family home on a city lot, or a person who owns thousands of acres that have been in a family for years and connects you to your past, we understand that these places represent some of our finest accomplishments and fondest memories.

“I understand how sad and distressing it can be when the government chooses to take the very thing that you’ve worked hardest in your life to obtain and hold on to. I take a lot of pride in making sure that people are fairly compensated when they face losing their property to eminent domain.”

Joe has represented numerous clients through both settlement and before a jury and loves trying cases.

When Joe is not in court or working on cases you can usually find him with his family enjoying the land, lakes and streams of Arkansas.


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