During his career, Justin has been helping the people of Arkansas go up against some of the largest corporations in the world.  Justin is passionate about helping those in need. It’s what drove him to practice plaintiffs injury law and is a big reason he has had so much success and representing injured people and their families.

Justin graduated law school from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Justin set himself apart in law school by his service to the community and his ability to effectively present complex legal arguments in a simple way.

Justin has been involved in some of the biggest verdicts in the state of Arkansas, accounting for tens of millions of dollars for Arkansas residents across the states. Because of his litigation success, Justin has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine as a rising star, an award given to only 2.5% of lawyers practicing within the state.  Justin has also been named one of the Top 40 under 40 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers Association.

Landowners, specifically, have been clients that Justin takes special pride in representing.  He has represented landowners against some of the biggest gas and oil companies in the world, including people harmed by oil spills.

“We are talking more than just a piece of land.  It’s someone’s home or business, or often times the biggest asset in my client’s life.  We want to make sure these people are properly compensated.  That’s why we bring the very best resources to each case so we can give a complete analysis on how much a property is worth.  We don’t settle for some cheap discount, “says Justin.

Justin has worked on cases in over 10 States involving landowners and individuals.  He is committed to working with families, businesses, shopping centers, farms and any other clients relating to eminent domain law.  Regardless if it is a residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial property, Justin can make sure that you are getting what you deserve.  No matter the circumstances, Justin can and will fight hard to obtain justice for his clients.

When Justin is not in the courtroom or working hard on a case, you can find him with his family often enjoying the very land and lakes he fights to protect.


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