Megan O’Neill is a master of caring for people well and listening intently to stories. As Director of Operations and Client Outreach at Krause & Kinsman Law Firm, Megan utilizes these gifts to best serve clients in the most welcoming way.

Megan works diligently for landowners that are being affected by the condemning authority. She listens to their concerns and thoughtfully guides in understanding the acquisition process. Additionally, Megan focuses on the overall operations of the company and team cohesion as Krause & Kinsman continues to grow.

Prior to joining Krause & Kinsman, Megan specialized in marketing, creativity, project management, logistics, and hospitality in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. She graduated with a Marketing and Business Administration degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, where she learned the art of working as a team to achieve successful outcomes.

Megan has lived most of her life in Kansas City, where she currently resides. In her free time, she enjoys embarking on photography adventures, traveling to the beach, watching K-State football, and making memories with family and friends.


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