At the Krause and Kinsman Law Firm, we are committed to protecting and defending your property rights. Our firm represents property owners in eminent domain and condemnation matters in Missouri, Arkansas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia.

We understand that your home or business may be your largest asset. We work with families, businesses, farms, and other clients relating to eminent domain law. We consult with experienced land appraisers who can give a complete analysis on the value of a property and the damages that may result from an eminent domain taking. Regardless if it is a residential, commercial, agricultural or a special-use property, we approach the case the same way: analyze the situation, create a plan and fully execute.

This attention to detail, combined with our legal knowledge in eminent domain proceedings are some of the reasons Krause and Kinsman is recognized nationwide as a legal advocate for property owners impacted by condemnation. We negotiate with condemning authorities on your behalf and our goal as your chosen eminent domain attorney is to secure you the compensation guaranteed by the Constitution.

We have worked with thousands of landowners in states across the country.  We have a strategic advantage in being a National Eminent Domain law firm because we take resources from all over the country.  We utilize appraisers that have testified in countless jury trials and in all aspects of eminent domain law. We ensure that we work with the best to increase the odds of just compensation.

We have a passion to protect private property rights. If you are facing a regulatory taking, condemnation, or other eminent domain action, consult with a knowledgeable eminent domain attorney at Krause and Kinsman today.


Adam Krause

Eminent Domain Attorney

Adam Krause is a co-founder of the Krause and Kinsman Eminent Domain Law Firm. He is passionate about protecting property rights. He has represented thousands of landowners across the country. He understands the importance of maximizing the compensation for landowners whose land is being taken by the government.


Robert Kinsman

Eminent Domain Attorney

Robert Kinsman is a co-founder of the Krause and Kinsman Eminent Domain Law Firm. Robert has worked with landowners in nearly 10 states. His cases have ranged in value from thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions.  Regardless of the size of the case he knows that each case must be approached individually.


Our Law Firm Can Assist You With Several Eminent Domain Matters Including:

Eminent Domain Process

Owner's Rights

Property Valuation

Challenging the Government


The prospect of taking on the government, or a private corporation to fight the loss of your property due to eminent domain can seem daunting and expensive. Many property owners fear that they can’t afford to hire a skilled condemnation lawyer. Don’t let the concern for upfront costs and hourly fees stop you from obtaining legal representation.

At Krause and Kinsman, we work on a contingent fee basis, which means you do not pay our attorney’s fees unless we secure for you additional compensation over what the government initially offered you for your property. Our contingency fee is collected as one-third (33.33%) of the additional compensation we secure for you above what the government or its agents initially offered you. Our fee is paid at the conclusion of the case from the additional money awarded to you. This means you could receive a much larger final award than what was originally offered and you are not responsible for paying an attorney’s fee if we are not successful.


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